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We have dismantled our entire IT department and handed the whole deal over to a very bright group of people at BTS. We trust BTS with our entire business now and we are excited about this move we have made. It is saving us a large percentage of our annual IT budget and they are very easy to work with.

We need our network to operate efficiently, and consistently. BTS assures these results through their timely response and expert technicians.

Matt Lewis, Managing Partner - Papugai Inc.

Dear Colleague,

As a top officer of a Puget Sound-based company, you know how difficult it can be to find consistently reliable technology vendors. I am writing to tell you about one company which, from personal experience, exceeded expectations

My company retained The BTS Group when I was Chief Financial Officer of GoAhead Software in Bellevue (I recently left the company after they were acquired by Oracle). We tested The BTS Group almost immediately with two acquisitions, one in India and another in Poland, which more than tripled the size of our company and added our first international operations. BTS actively managed the integration of the IT operations of the acquired companies in coordination with our interim CIO.

The most important aspect of our company‚Äôs partnership with BTS was the very broad set of skills of BTS which we relied on every day — from routine desktop support to sophisticated Internet connectivity (between locations on three different continents); in addition they handled our multiple IT vendors.

One of the positive changes we saw when we selected BTS was the implementation of a monthly dashboard of metrics which we could use to monitor network availability, server storage capacity and other network metrics. It was a switch to a positive, pro-active approach, rather than the reactive method of our previous vendor.

Beyond performance, BTS also stabilized our IT expenses. In fact, even when isolating the US operations, we saw IT expense reductions. The most significant change was the increased predictability of IT costs which BTS provided, rather than the significant monthly variations we had seen with our previous vendor. The bottom line is that this stabilization of IT costs had a positive effect on GoAhead software’s cash flow, one of my position’s key measures of success.

As a finance professional with over 20 years with public and private technology companies, I have worked in a variety of fast-moving companies from Adobe Systems to GoAhead Software. With both finance and legal backgrounds I have helped them successfully navigate the difficulties of rapid growth, acquisitions, an starting international operations. This has required having high standards for vendor performance and I am glad to say BTS met and exceeded those standards.

The bottom line? BTS Has a business and pricing approach with works well for small businesses with unique complexities. Plus, they bring a breadth of experience most small businesses cannot afford. You will find it worth your time to talk with them.

Ben Page, CFO - GoAhead Software

BTS has forward-thinking professionals. They are always thinking about positioning IBS appropriately for the future as well as making sure that everything is working today.
They are also very gifted at emergency technical services. IBS used BTS twice in dire situations and they performed perfectly when we needed them most.

Derek Butcher, Owner - Industrial Bolt Services Inc.
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